GIMME Beauty Launches New Active Bands Collection
Ideal for workouts, Active Bands grip better, stay in place longer, don't pull hair

GIMME Beauty has launched its new Active Bands Collection that is designed to be perfect for all types of workouts, from running and lifting to hiking and cross-fitness exercising.

The new bands are made with silicone accents and are 100% latex-free. This textured surface prevents the bands from slipping.

"The 'beauty' of these new active lifestyle hair bands is that they will stay in place through any of your workouts and yet they won't damage or pull your hair," said GIMME CEO Jeff Durham. 

The new Active Bands' textured grip prevents the bands from slipping off the wrist easily, while the unique fabric wicks away sweat and provides breathability. The extra-strong material also means the bands will last longer and won't snap like other bands. No one wants the disappointment of having a hair band break during a workout. GIMME eliminated this pain.

The new Active Bands Collection launched on March 16 online and in various GIMME retail partner stores across the U.S. The active bands will be available in the most popular sizes - Thick Hair and Universal (or Any Fit) options. GIMME also offers an activewear scrunchy pack, also incorporating silicone for extra grip, if that fits your preference.

"GIMME believes women shouldn't have to put up with one-size-fits-all products for your hair," Durham said. "We are dedicated to constantly improving your hair experience by giving you the best possible products for your hair and making them easily accessible to all in-store or online."

GIMME Beauty's accessories are some of the strongest-selling accessories at ULTA, and as such, GIMME has been recognized among ULTA's top-performing accessories brands. Since its launch in 2006, GIMME has grown into a national brand, with retail partners like ULTA, Target, CVS, Walgreens, and Wal-Mart carrying GIMME products in 2023.

About GIMME Beauty

GIMME Beauty's vision is to design innovative hair solutions that disrupt the status quo of the health and beauty hair care category. The company's products rank among the industry's fastest-growth hair accessories, according to Nielsen Market Data. Since it launched in 2006, GIMME has become a national brand available at more than 20,000 stores across the United States. Follow GIMME on Instagram or Facebook to learn about its latest collections.

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