Kick-Ass reboot: Chloë Grace Moretz’s Hit-Girl could possibly return in future movies according to Matthew Vaughn

Matthew Vaughn plans to take Kick-Ass in a new direction and even plans to explore more Hit-Girl in an extended universe.

One of the standout characters in Matthew Vaughn‘s 2010 superhero film, Kick-Ass, is the daughter of Nicolas Cage’s Big Daddy character, Hit-Girl portrayed with a breakthrough performance that put Chloë Grace Moretz on the map. Along with Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Moretz would return for the sequel, which didn’t quite duplicate the success of the original. The director of the first, Matthew Vaughn, has gone on to tackle Marvel’s famous mutants in X-Men: First Class, then helmed the trilogy of films in the Kingsman franchise.

Vaughn has the new spy comedy Argylle coming soon early next year. Lately, he’s revealed shocking details about Fox’s trick to have Halle Berry sign on to X-Men: The Last Stand. Now the director says his Kick-Ass reboot has room for more Chloë Grace Moretz’s Hit-Girl in the future. ScreenRant reports that Vaughn’s Kick-Ass 3 will feature a new cast as he takes the series in a different direction that takes the state of what superhero movies have now become back to the drawing board for a new twist on the genre, according to statements he’s made at New York’s recent Comic-Con. If the new Kick-Ass is a success, Vaughn would be open to catching back up with Mindy Macready.

According to ScreenRant, “Although Moretz will not return as Hit-Girl in Kick-Ass 3, Vaughn has also stated that he is open to exploring future options with the character after the reboot releases. If Kick-Ass 3 proves to be a success, it could set a foundation for a more extended universe within the Kick-Ass franchise that could re-establish Moretz in a rendition of an older Hit-Girl.”

Grace Moretz’s show on Amazon, The Peripheral, has recently been given the axe despite getting a second-season renewal. However, she can also be heard as the voice of Nimona in the recent Netflix animated adaptation of ND Stevenson’s classic fantasy graphic novel, Nimona. Meanwhile, Matthew Vaughn also intends to follow up on the Kingsman prequel with a sequel titled The Traitor King and will pick up after the post-credits sting that introduced a young Adolf Hitler that intends to start his evil reign.

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