Quiet on Set: Bombshell documentary series about Nickelodeon returns with a bonus episode

The explosive documentary series, Quiet on Set, is set to return with a bonus episode April 7th, with even more episodes in the works.

One of the most harrowing things to come out in a while is ID’s documentary series Quiet On Set, which reveals the troubling history behind the kids’ TV network Nickelodeon’s most popular programming from the 90s and 2000s. Specifically, the series investigates what was happening on the set of various shows produced by the network’s golden boy, Dan Schneider. Among the revelations is that a P. A on the set of his shows was a pedophile, and one of the network’s biggest stars, Drake Bell, was molested by his acting coach, Brian Peck, who also acted in many of the shows. To note, Schneider has not been accused of any sexual abuse himself, and Bell actually praised him in the documentary.

While the four-episode series seemed to be at an end (you can read our review here), a bonus episode revealing new information that’s come forward since the show ended is set to premiere on ID on April 7th. In fact, even more episodes might be coming, with the directors Mary Robertson and Emma Schwartz, apparently still shooting new material for future episodes. Indeed, there’s much more ground to cover, with one of the biggest stars from that era, Amanda Bynes, having yet to tell her story. More actors who worked on those sets are speaking out now after seeing the documentary. But, to be sure, not all of the reactions have been positive. Former Nickelodeon host Marc Summers (Double Dare) recently revealed that he walked out of his interview as he wasn’t aware of the documentary’s premise beforehand and felt they had done a bait and switch. Indeed, Summers’ stunned reaction upon seeing a risqué clip from one of the network’s shows is one of the most memorable moments in the first episode. For his part, he claims Dan Schneider’s tenure at the network only began after his time hosting Double Dare.

Will you be watching the next episode of Quiet on Set? Let us know in the comments. 

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