From Customer to Colleague: Jennifer Cooper Brings a Unique Perspective to the Dolbey Team
Jennifer Cooper Enhances the Dolbey Team with Decades of Healthcare Leadership and Client-Centric Insights

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Dolbey, a leading provider of healthcare documentation solutions, is excited to announce the newest addition to the Dolbey team, Jennifer Cooper. Jennifer will work as Program Manager with previous experience as the Director of Health Information Management at Hunt Regional, a longtime partner of Dolbey. She brings a decade of managerial expertise and a proven track record of exceptional leadership in clinical documentation improvement (CDI) and hospital coding programs.

Mrs. Cooper’s past involvement as a former Dolbey customer at Hunt Regional gives her a unique perspective on the needs and expectations of our clientele. Her expertise will also play a crucial role in enhancing Dolbey’s product installations and processes, ultimately benefiting our customers.

“I am thrilled to join the Dolbey team and contribute to the ongoing success of a company that I have long admired,” says Jennifer. “Having been a former Dolbey customer at Hunt Regional, I have witnessed firsthand the impact of Dolbey’s solutions on healthcare workflows. Now, as a member of the Dolbey team, I am excited to bring my knowledge and outlook as a former customer to help drive innovation, improve future product installations, and enhance processes. It’s the beginning of an exciting journey, and I look forward to being a part of Dolbey’s commitment to delivering exceptional healthcare solutions.”

In her role as Program Manager, Jennifer will be instrumental in driving advancements and efficiency across Dolbey’s clinical documentation solutions. She will be an invaluable asset as Dolbey continues to focus on improving future product installations and processes to meet the ever-changing needs in healthcare.

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