QN Science Challenges the U.S. Market With Globally Certified Dry Natural Nano Calcium
Korean health bio product company QN Science introduces its Calcium supplements in the US market with its unique quantum natural nano manufacturing technology.

QN Science's Calcium Supplement line

QN Science announces Calcium supplements developed with its unique quantum nanotechnology

Korean health product company QN Science announced on the 5th that it is entering the US market with its strict production standards for calcium products. QN Science's dry nanotechnology, also known as the quantum natural nano manufacturing technology, can increase the absorption rate of calcium supplements and help reduce the risk of osteoporosis and maintain normal immune function.

This is a calcium product that is certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 and registered with U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for food and OTC. It shows enhanced digestion and absorption with homogeneous spherical nano-particles that are one hundred thousandths the size of a hair, which can help increase calcium absorption and bone density.

In addition to various global certifications for production and quality control, food safety management, and environmental management, the company has also registered with U.S. FDA and completed nutrition and safety tests at testing agencies.

The ISO 9001 certification is an international standard for quality management systems that verifies that the entire process of delivering services to consumers meets international standards. QN Science obtained this certification through efforts such as objectively responding to the diverse demands of internal and external stakeholders and systematically managing business procedures according to the manual.

The company also obtained ISO 14001, which is an environmental management certification for organizations and companies that establish environmental management as their business policy and continue to improve and maintain their systems.

Furthermore, as environmental concerns had become more important globally, QN Science has obtained ISO 14001 certification. It is a certification given to organizations and companies that establish environmental management as a business management policy and continuously carry out environmental improvements and system maintenance.

In addition, ISO 45001 is an international standard specification established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for the Food Safety Management System, which aims to effectively manage potential hazards that may occur at each stage of food production, manufacturing, processing, preservation, and distribution through various certifications to challenge in the global market.

These products are named CO RE D T, CO DE R T, O T RE P, O RE CA P, D N B RE, D B TRE, L D T ALL, L B T A, CA RE T HEAL, and N P G TALL which can be met through the official website http://www.qnsci.com.

Seo Il-woo, CEO of QN Science, has announced, "The company has been using its unique quantum natural nanotechnology to research and develop Calcium supplements that can help restore the normal immune system in people who suffer from osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, lung disease, diabetes, growth problems, and weakened immune systems due to COVID-19. The supplements are made with natural ingredients that are safe and free from side effects."

He added, "Currently, QN Science has released 12 products, including six pharmaceuticals and six supplements made with the company's unique quantum natural nanotechnology. The supplements are designed to maximize bioavailability and preserve active ingredients without damaging the natural properties of the ingredients. Our quantum natural nanotechnology is unique in that it allows to produce supplements with the highest level of safety and efficacy. QN Science plans to continue to release various versions of its Calcium supplements in the future."

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