CONQUERing Unveils Revolutionary Fidget Jewelry Designs Amid Sensory Processing Awareness Month
Trailblazing Fashion Brand Expands Collection With Soothing Tactile Patterns, Offering a Stylish Respite for Individuals With Sensory Processing Disorders.

CONQUERing interchangeable fidget jewelry sensory processing rings

Silver ring band with 3 interchangeable sensory discs

CONQUERing® today announced the release of three new jewelry designs in its line of interchangeable fidget jewelry to raise awareness during Sensory Processing Awareness Month in October. The three new designs each have a soothing tactile pattern: waves, ridges, and bumps.

Recognized as a trailblazer in the adaptive-fashion movement by Fashion Magazine, it comes as no surprise that CONQUERing would, again, innovate new ways to support those with different abilities. CONQUERing jewelry is already enjoyed by many with Sensory Processing Disorders due to its unique spinning and clicking capabilities – perfect for discreet fidgeting on the go. The new collection furthers the sensory support with interchangeable tactile discs.

CONQUERing customer Alysia Tomczyk shared, “As someone that has struggled with their sensory processing disorder, having my CONQUERing helps me daily! These new specially-designed tactile spinners help increase or decrease my sensory input as I need it without making it evident.”

Sensory Processing Disorders are more common in adults and children than many people realize. In fact, a study published on the National Institutes of Health website estimates that as much as 16.5% of the general population have symptoms associated with sensory processing challenges.

CONQUERing Founder & CEO, Tammy Nelson, shared, “Whether it through offering an expansive size range, supporting marginalized groups or providing products for those with different abilities, we aim to be inclusive. This is just one more way we support our customers to help them conquer their day, as we like to say.”

In celebration of the launch of these distinctive sensory designs over the upcoming weekend, CONQUERing is thrilled to present a complimentary Calm Strips® duo to those acquiring the set. Calm Strips are discreet, portable sensory stickers with a textured surface, another tool for use in overwhelming settings.

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