Arnold Schwarzenegger open to joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Arnold Schwarzenegger would suit up to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the right project came along.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has just about accomplished it all: three Mr. Universe titles, a two-term stint as governor of California, over $5 billion at the global box office…But Arnold hasn’t done something so many major seasoned actors have, which is appear in a Marvel blockbuster. But that doesn’t mean he has entirely ruled it out…

Speaking with Men’s Health, Arnold Schwarzenegger said he would have no problem joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, under one condition: “If the role is right!” Arnold joining the MCU? Now that would kick some ice!

Of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger does have a brief history with superhero movies. The most infamous was his turn as Mr. Freeze in Batman & Robin, which, despite its reputation, Arnold isn’t ashamed of, once saying, “I don’t regret it at all. I felt that the character was interesting and two movies before that one Joel Schumacher was at his height. So the decision-making process was not off.” There was also Jingle All the Way, where he chased–then played–Turbo-Man, a character who, let’s be honest, deserved his own spinoff movie. He even has a slight link to Marvel, as he headlined the last project Stan Lee personally worked on, the animated series Superhero Kindergarten, voicing Arnold Armstrong aka Captain Fantastic.

If Arnold were to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it would again put him toe-to-toe with career rival Sylvester Stallone, who joined the MCU as Stakar Ogord in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (returning for Vol. 3 earlier this year). Stallone also starred in last year’s superhero movie Samaritan, not to mention 1995’s Judge Dredd, based on the 2000 AD comic. (For an in-depth look at the battle between Schwarzenegger and Stallone, check out our edition of Face-Off!)

While fans await news on whether Arnold Schwarzenegger will ever sign a Marvel contract, he is currently serving as Chief Action Officer for Netflix, who handled his latest series, FUBAR, currently streaming on the service.

Do you think Arnold Schwarzenegger would be a good fit for the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Which character could you see him playing? Let us know in the comments section!

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