Back to the Drive-In trailer: documentary reaches digital and VOD next month

Uncork’d Entertainment has released a trailer for the documentary Back to the Drive-In, coming to digital and VOD next month

I love going to see movies at the drive-in theatre – in fact, if given the choice between going to an in-door theatre or a drive-in theatre, I’d choose the drive-in most of the time. It’s very difficult to beat the option of getting to watch two movies for the price of one from the comfort of your car. And given my appreciation for the drive-in experience (and for drive-in critic Joe Bob Briggs), I’m glad to see that Uncork’d Entertainment will be giving a drive-in tribute documentary called Back to the Drive-In a digital and VOD release on March 14th. You can watch a trailer for the documentary in the embed above.

Directed by April Wright, Back to the Drive-In has the following synopsis: BACK TO THE DRIVE-IN takes viewers behind the scenes to visit eleven unique family-owned drive-ins across the country – including L.A’s Mission Tiki, the Field of Dreams Drive-In, and the Wellfleet in Cape Cod – to experience their passion and determination to keep their theaters alive. It’s a story of human resilience.

The documentary previously had a theatrical release, during which it played at many drive-in theatres and racked up some rave reviews. Interviewees in the documentary include D. Edward Vogel, Dwight Grimm, and Leigh Van Swall.

What did you think of the Back to the Drive-In trailer? Will you be watching this movie when it reaches digital and VOD next month? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Also let us know if you have ever been to a drive-in theatre – and if you have, share some of your favorite drive-in experiences. While I enjoy going to see newly released movies at the drive-in, I have also been able to attend some all-night classic horror movie marathons at drive-ins as well, and those were really fun to sit through. Especially since the drive-ins I went to would allow customers to bring their dogs, so I was able to watch awesome movies from my car and enjoy some delicious food from the concession stand, with my dogs relaxing in the car with me the whole time.

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