Bloodline Killer: Shawnee Smith, Tyrese Gibson slasher is streaming on Tubi

The slasher Bloodline Killer, starring Shawnee Smith and Tyrese Gibson, has been released as a Tubi Original

Bloodline Killer: Shawnee Smith, Tyrese Gibson slasher is streaming on Tubi

Back in 2022, it was announced that Shawnee Smith of the Saw franchise (not to mention two of my favorites, Summer School and The Blob ’88) had signed on to star in a horror movie called The Skulleton. That film has since been retitled Bloodline Killer – and today, June 28th, it has been released through the Tubi streaming service as a Tubi Original! A trailer for the film can be seen at THIS LINK… and if you’re intrigued by what you see, you can head over to Tubi and watch the movie for free.

Smith is joined in the cast of Bloodline Killer by Tyrese Gibson (Morbius), Bruce Dern (The Hateful Eight), Taryn Manning (Orange Is the New Black), Damian Maffei (The Strangers: Prey at Night), Drew Moerlein (South of Hell), Alexander James Rodriguez (Bee and Puppycat), Jaime Zevallos (Cloak and Dagger), James Gaudioso (Mid-Century), and Anthony Gaudioso (What Josiah Saw).

Ante Novakovic (Sanctioning Evil) directed the film from a screenplay by Anthony and James Gaudioso (Mid-Century). The story centers on Smith’s character, Moira Cole, who attempts to move on with her shattered life after the brutal murder of her friends and family at the hands of her deranged and obsessed cousin, Lee Morris. Living a quiet suburban life with her deeply affected two adult sons, Moira is constantly reminded of her past, which is strewn across the screen every October, having been optioned into a popular movie franchise.

The Gaudiosos produced Bloodline Killer with Rob Simmons of Jars Media Group and DJ Doddof Future Proof Films. Drew Morlein, Peter D’Amato, and Twelve 83 Entertainment’s Laura Barbato serve as executive producers.

I was interested in this one as soon as it was announced, sold on the idea of seeing Shawnee Smith in a slasher movie, even though I didn’t like the title The Skulleton very much. I’m not blown away by Bloodline Killer, either, but I guess it’s a step up. Whatever the movie’s called, I’ll be watching it now that it’s on Tubi.

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