Box Office Predictions: The Devil and Dev Patel are no match for Godzilla x Kong

The First Omen and Moneky Man will likely be no match for week two of Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire at the box office.

This weekend sees the release of two smaller scaled, but much anticipated new genre films. There’s Dev Patel’s John Wick-style action flick, Monkey Man, which he also directed, and 20th Century Studios’ prequel to a classic film series, The First Omen. While both movies have been earning solid reviews (check out our First Omen review here), neither seems likely to dislodge Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire from the top spot at the box office.

It’s worth noting that nobody, including us, really expected the massive opening we saw from Godzilla x Kong last weekend. While the Easter Weekend foot traffic no doubt played a large role in its blockbuster business, it should still easily claim first place this weekend with a haul in the $25 million-ish range. The movie seems pretty likely to finish its North American run with somewhere in the neighbourhood of $200 Million, with it not expected to have the legs Dune: Part Two did. However, the two battling titans may surprise us and end the weekend with a gross north of $30 million, although to me, it seems unlikely.

Second place should go to The First Omen, as horror fans haven’t had a major release since the disappointing Imaginary early in March. Recent indie hits, Immaculate and Late Night With the Devil both did well, but played to a more niche audience. I’d expect The First Omen to make about $15 million for second place. Dev Patel’s Monkey Man should earn about $12 million for third place as word of mouth might be mixed, as you never know with arthouse action, and Patel isn’t yet a proven box office draw. 

Meanwhile, holdovers Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire and Dune: Part Two should round out the top 5. Sadly, it looks like Frozen Empire is in for another major tumble this weekend, with an estimated $7.5 million gross. Dune: Part Two should make about $5 million. It’s possible Dune will actually beat Frozen Empire, which would be a major black eye for the franchise. 

Here are our predictions:

  1. Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire: $25 million
  2. The First Omen: $15 million
  3. Monkey Man: $12 million
  4. Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire: $7.5 million
  5. Dune: Part Two: $5 million

What are you going to see this weekend? Let us know in the comments!

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