Box Office: Quiet Place Day One on track for franchise-best opening; neck-in-neck with Inside Out 2

A Quiet Place: Day One is on track for a franchise-best opening and could potentially unseat Inside Out 2 as this week’s box office champ.

UPDATE: It looks like A Quiet Place: Day One is now heading towards a franchise-best opening, with Deadline’s latest estimates predicting the film will open in the $53 million range. That’s about $8 million ahead of industry predictions. The prequel could take the top spot from Inside Out 2, with the two movies neck-in-neck at the box office. Meanwhile, Kevin Costner’s Horizon: Chapter 1 may not crack $12 million after all, with it now looking to be on track for an $11 million weekend. Jeff Nichols’s The Bikeriders also seems to be losing a huge chunk of its audience, with it looking like the film will fall over 65% to a $3 million plus weekend. Bummer. It’s terrible to see such a good movie underperform, but hopefully, adult audiences will turn out for the matinees this weekend and give it a better-than-expected result.


Following last night’s previews, A Quiet Place: Day One looks like it will open in about the same range as the last two movies in the series. Based on Friday’s early numbers, Deadline is forecasting a $48 million weekend, which is pretty close to what we predicted earlier this week. As solid a number as that is, the movie will still only open in second place, with box office juggernaut Inside Out 2 on track for a mighty $60 million weekend. 

So how is Kevin Costner’s passion project, Horizon, faring? Currently, it seems to be opening exactly in line with expectations, with it looking at a final total in the $12-13 million range. However, it should be noted that this adult-skewing western isn’t expected to perform like a normal film, with the older audience it appeals to generally either attending weekend matinees or waiting until later in the run. In all fairness to Costner’s ambitious undertaking, we won’t really be able to tell whether or not it’s a success or a financial failure until the second weekend (as someone who liked it – I hope it rallies).

Meanwhile, Bad Boys: Ride or Die should come in right behind Horizon, with a forecasted $11 million weekend. No word yet on how last weekend’s The Bikeriders is holding up, but in a surprise result, the Telugu-language epic, Kalki 2898 AD, one of the biggest-budget movies in India’s history, is closing in on a big fifth place finish, with a $6.5 million total. It did blockbuster business with it making a mighty $5.5 million on only 900 screens. 

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