Emma Roberts says internet culture doomed Madame Web

Madame Web co-star Emma Roberts remains loyal to the movie, suggesting it never stood a chance against the internet.

Emma Roberts says internet culture doomed Madame Web

Sony’s set take of the Spider-Man property was meant to be a web-slingin’ smash from the studio, bringing elements that the MCU didn’t — it even had its own acronym: the SSU. But this hasn’t quite panned out as intended, with one particular entry, Madame Web, proving to be a colossal disaster. And while it holds an 11% Rotten Tomatoes critics score, a still lousy 57% audience score and a 5/10 from our own Chris Bumbray, the movie has its small legion of defenders. Take star Emma Roberts, for example, who maintains that the internet may have been responsible for ruining any hope for the movie.

On Madame Web, Roberts said that she remains enthusiastic about it despite the loudness of naysayers. “I personally really loved Madame Web. I really enjoyed the movie. I thought everyone in it was great. The director, S.J. Clarkson, I think did an amazing job. She’s the reason I wanted to do that movie. If it wasn’t for internet culture and everything being made into a joke, I think that the reception would’ve been different. And that’s what bums me out about a lot of stuff, even stuff that I’ve done, is people just make such a joke out of everything now.”

Emma Roberts also maintains that there’s just no predicting what will stick with viewers, whether it’s Madame Web or not. “Things work; things don’t work. Everyone to act like they can predict if they’re going to work or they’re not. And the truth is, you can’t. Things do badly, and then they blow up later on TikTok. Things do well, but then you watch them, and you’re like, ‘This did well?’ There is no secret. It’s about doing something goodish and it hitting at the right time. Everything else is like a wish and a prayer. I’m not intimidated by failure, and I’m not intimidated by people having negative thoughts about something.”

Emma Roberts, for what it’s worth, doesn’t share the same Madame Web sentiments as everybody else in the cast, as lead Dakota Johnson has been quite outspoken on the movie — or at least her own casting — saying it’s just not her style of flick. And based on the reception, it wasn’t quite anybody else’s, either…

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