Jack Black teases School of Rock 20th anniversary reunion

Jack Black is getting the band back together, announcing there will be a School of Rock reunion later this year.

They don’t need no education, but they may head back to the classroom anyway, as Jack Black has assured fans that there will be a School of Rock reunion this year to celebrate the movie’s 20th anniversary.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Black said this was as good a time as any to have a School of Rock reunion. “All those kids–dig this–they were 10 years old when we made that movie and now they’re all, like, 30…We’re gonna get together and have a 20-year anniversary. We like to jam. I’m looking forward to seeing all of the grownups from School of Rock.” Of note, there was also a 10-year reunion a decade ago that featured the cast attending a screening and even taking the stage to perform a few numbers.

A School of Rock reunion would certainly be deserved, as the movie has endured solidly for two decades, developing a bit of a cult status that has resulted in a Nickelodeon TV series and a Tony-nominated Broadway musical. Black, too, is a major supporter of the movie, saying it holds a spot near and dear and calling it the highlight of his career. Certainly that would also be the case for much of his supporting adolescent cast, which includes Miranda Cosgrove (“Tinkerbell”), Caitlin Hale (“Blondie”), Joey Gaydos Jr. (“Zack-Attack”), Rivkah Reyes (“Posh Spice”), and so many more, hopefully most of whom will join the reunion. Tragically, Kevin Clark, who played drummer “Spazzy McGee” died in 2021.

What the School of Rock reunion will be remains unknown, but, unfortunately, it seems like it won’t be the spectacle rock show we’d want, as Black told ET he’ll post pictures and videos online, implying it might not be a ticketed show or fundraiser (ala Spinal Tap’s 2020 reunion). Still, no matter the scale, the nostalgia will be felt, just as it was when the gang from The Little Rascals had their own small 20th anniversary reunion back in 2014, joining together to recreate the movie’s poster.

What would you want to see in a 20th anniversary School of Rock reunion? What is your favorite scene from the 2003 comedy? Let us know below!

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