Jennifer Connelly says movies like Labyrinth aren’t made anymore

Labyrinth star Jennifer Connelly fondly remembered working with Jim Henson on the film, which she says remains “special.”

You remind me of the babe? What babe? The babe with the massive cult following! Nearly 40 years since its release, Labyrinth has endured as one of the most beloved fantasy movies ever. While it was a flop at the box office, the movie would go on to embody so much of what makes the genre what it is, not to mention it being a charming – and sometimes frightening – representation of the brilliance of cinematic puppetry.

Like so many of our favorite movies, when it comes down to it, the box office numbers never mattered. That’s definitely the case with Labyrinth, which took in just under $13 million domestically on a budget reportedly around double that. Jennifer Connelly remembered “hearing rumblings” of it being poorly attended at the multiplex but that it eventually found its fandom. “People’s affection has grown over the years. People talk to me about it in a way that seems outsized to the response when it was first released.”

Connelly had already worked with iconic directors like Sergio Leone (Once Upon a Time in America) and Dario Argento (Phenomena) but collaborating with Jim Henson was a completely unique experience for her. “Jim was a genius. And we don’t really make movies like that anymore. All those practical, wonderful puppets working together on those beautifully crafted sets. It feels different than the way we make a lot of films now; it feels kind of special.”

Indeed, Labyrinth is special. In a time when practical effects and puppetry is few and far between, it’s films like Labyrinth – and any others that seek to honor the artistry – that stand out. Really, how fantastic are the designs of Hoggle, Ludo, the Fierys, and pretty much every other character inside of the titular maze?

Sequel discussion for Labyrinth has been around for several years now, with Brian Henson saying as recently as this winter that it was still a possibility. Although The Dark Crystal’s TV continuation didn’t stick, the fanbase for a similar approach to Labyrinth could prove successful.

What is your favorite scene from Labyrinth? Which character design and set stands out the most to you? Let us know in the comments section below!

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