Jennifer Lawrence raises her magnifying glass for a murder mystery at Apple with The Wives

No Hard Feelings actress Jennifer Lawrence will star in and produce a murder mystery for AppleTV+ called The Wives.

Look out, Benoit Blanc! Jennifer Lawrence is prepping an original murder mystery feature at AppleTV+. After studios fought for the package like tossing a bone to a pack of rabid hounds, Apple Original Films emerged as the victor of The Wives, a film project starring and produced by Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games franchise, No Hard Feelings, East of Eden).

Much like the film’s genre, details about the plot remain a mystery. However, word around the Hollywood water cooler suggests the film takes inspiration from the Real Housewives reality franchise. The script was written by Michael Breslin and Patrick Foley (Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical).

If you walked outside your house and threw a rock, it would likely land on the site of one of Jennifer Lawrence’s upcoming projects. She has six ventures in various stages of development and production, including Sue, a biopic about the Hollywood super-agent Sue Mengers. Initially, Mengers was a secretary to William Morris, but her savvy, determination, and talent helped propel her to the top of the Hollywood food chain. Her list of clients included celebrities like Ali MacGraw, Gene Hackman, Peter Bogdanovich, Burt Reynolds, and close friend Barbra Streisand.

Before Jennifer Lawrence hunkers down for The Wives, she’s teaming up with Luca Guadagnino (Call Me By Your Name, Suspiria, Bones and All) for the drama Burial Rites. The story focuses on a young woman who is charged with a brutal murder and sent to an isolated farm to await execution. Also in production is the Lynne Ramsay-directed horror comedy Die, My Love. The dramatic tale of dread unfolds in a remote and forgotten rural area, where a mother struggles to maintain her sanity as she battles with psychosis.

Are you interested in learning more about The Wives? Do you watch any iterations of The Real Housewives? What do you think the reality show has to do with the plot and premise of The Wives? Will Jennifer Lawrence play a Benoit Blanc-like character in The Wives, or will she be the one accused of murder? We’ll need to wait for more details, though we are curious how this project will shake out.

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