Jesse Plemons showcases that he more than looks like Damon, but he’s a good sport at the jokes, as Damon himself usually is.

Last Updated on June 27, 2024

Jesse Plemons has made quite a name for himself with his career. However, the name he can’t help but be associated with is Matt Damon. Although Plemons has starred in his fair share of projects, mostly as a character actor, his striking resemblance to Damon do not stop the masses from either legitimately mistaking him for the Bourne Identity star or making jokes and memes out of his uncanny similarity. When Plemons had a heftier build, he would jokingly be referred to online as “Fat Damon,” but now that he has actually slimmed down to a smaller body type than his doppelgänger, the memes have changed to “Meth Damon.”

Damon is known to be a good sport when it comes to certain jokes, like when people shout “Matt Damon” to him in the same way that his marionette portrayal does from Team America: World Police. Plemons is showing that he’s an equally good sport as he addresses the subject. People reveals that while Plemons was on the TODAY show with co-star Emma Stone to promote Kinds of Kindness, the topic was breached and he humorously stated, “Still not Matt Damon.” TODAY show host Craig Melvin admitted his wife genuinely mistook Plemons for Damon when watching the film. Plemons responded,

Yeah, for a little while now, which there are worse things to be called, for sure. It’s definitely flattering. But yeah, throughout the course of my career, I’ve had various Matt Damon-associated nicknames and such.”

Emma Stone would then chime in, “Like what? Emily?” This is reference to Stone’s recent preference of being called by her real name as opposed to her stage name. Plemons responded, “Like Emily! Emily Damon.”

The two can be seen in the upcoming Yorgos Lanthimos film Kinds of Kindness, which our own Eric Walkuski was pretty lukewarm about when he mentioned in his review, Kinds of Kindness ends up being more intriguing when you’re experiencing it rather than when you’re remembering it. Its unpredictability is absolutely its biggest asset, but when the smoke clears you wonder what, if anything, it was all for. Super fans of the director will surely be enamored with the film’s lurid quirks, while the casual moviegoer might wonder what the hell just happened during that almost three hour sideshow. It’s not exactly rewarding, but it’s also difficult to look away from.”

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