Jessica Alba is a one-woman wrecking machine hellbent on uncovering the truth in the first Trigger Warning trailer

In Netflix’s hard-hitting Trigger Warning trailer, Jessica Alba uses her unique skills to turn her hometown upside down.

If you take any lessons away from today’s Trigger Warning trailer, it’s this: Don’t f**k with Jessica Alba. The L.A.’s Finest and Killers Anonymous star is coming hard and fast in a brutal look at the Mouly Surya-directed (Fisksi, What They Don’t Talk About When They Talk About Love) action film punching its way onto Netflix on June 21, 2024, and there’s no escape from her wrath.

In today’s Trigger Warning trailer, Jessica Alba is a Special Forces commando who returns home to investigate her father’s mysterious death. Not long before, she uncovers a nefarious plot and finds herself at the heart of a dispute and cover-up that inspires her to unleash her special skills. As the plot thickens, Alba’s character, Parker, summons the best of her abilities to lay waste to the people causing chaos in her hometown. No stone remains unturned, and no bones remain unbroken. Let’s f**king go!

Here’s the official synopsis for Trigger Warning:

Special Forces commando Parker (Jessica Alba) is on active duty overseas when she gets called back to her hometown with the tragic news that her father has suddenly died. Now the owner of the family bar, Parker reconnects with her former boyfriend-turned-sheriff Jesse (Mark Webber), his hot-tempered brother Elvis (Jake Weary) and their powerful father Senator Swann (Anthony Michael Hall), as she looks to understand what actually happened to her dad.

Parker’s search for answers quickly goes south, and she soon finds herself at odds with a violent gang running rampant in her hometown. Unsure of who she can truly trust, Parker draws on her commando training and proves herself a force to be reckoned with as she hunts down the truth and attempts to right what has gone wrong in Swann County with the help of her covert ops partner and hacker Spider (Tone Bell) and connected local dealer Mike (Gabriel Basso). Directed by Mouly Surya, written by John Brancato & Josh Olson, and Halley Gross, and produced by Erica Lee, Basil Iwanyk, and Esther Hornstein, Trigger Warning also stars Kaiwi Lyman and Hari Dhillon.

In addition to today’s Trigger Warning trailer, you can check out the official poster for the film below. Trigger Warning will be available on Netflix on June 21, 2024.

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