Sidekicks: Chuck Norris would be interested in doing a sequel

Chuck Norris wants to make a sequel to one of his most-loved films, Sidekicks.

There are a few films that successfully derived the formula of The Karate Kid while making a name for itself with its own identity. One of those movies is the quaint 1992 Chuck Norris film, Sidekicks, a movie recently featured on our list of the Best Chuck Norris Films. This movie would feature an added plot element where the young protagonist finds himself often daydreaming of having adventures alongside his biggest influence, Chuck Norris, that playfully parodies the different films that Chuck has made throughout his career. It would all culminate in getting to meet the Texas Ranger himself as dream becomes reality, and the two team up in a karate tournament.

According to — the man, the myth, the legend — Chuck Norris recently appeared at Nashville Comic-Con. During his panel, Norris was asked by’s Chris Killian, “What do you feel is your most underappreciated film? For me, it has to be Sidekicks, which was such a fun film, and an ingenious concept and felt in a lot of ways like a movie that was before its time.” Norris responded, “I agree, Sidekicks is one of my films that holds a special place in my heart and if I were ever offered a sequel, I would absolutely take up that offer. It’s a film that inspires hope and courage, especially to the youth.”

Sidekicks was a project that Norris had done just as he was about to take off on his hit CBS show, Walker, Texas Ranger. The movie’s star was an up-and-comer named Jonathan Brandis, who had previously had credits that included The Neverending Story II and Ladybugs. Brandis would go on to join the ensemble of the sci-fi NBC series SeaQuest (a show we profiled for our series Gone But Not Forgotten). Tragically, the young actor would pass in 2003. In Sidekicks, the rival dojo master would be played by former SNL member Joe Piscopo, who sported a muscular physique and would go toe-to-toe with Norris in the end.

If a sequel is made, it, unfortunately, would not be able to continue the relationship between Norris and Barry Gabrewski due to Brandis’ passing. However, its concept can always be explored through another fan of Norris. Joe Piscopo is still active in acting, so a sequel could inevitably involve a bitter Kelly Stone who has an ongoing vendetta against Chuck. There are many possibilities. All it takes is a daydreamer to make it happen.

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