Space Cadet trailer has Emma Roberts boldly go where no party girl has gone before

Emma Roberts stars in the fish-out-of-water comedy about a ditzy socialite training to become an astronaut for NASA in the new film for Prime Video.

In the time-honored tradition of Private Benjamin, Legally Blonde and Disney Channel original Cadet Kelly, Emma Roberts stars in the new comedy about a ditzy socialite who gets in over her head when she joins an organization with incredible odds to overcome. Amazon MGM has just released the new trailer for Space Cadet, which has Roberts’ character Rex lying to become accepted into NASA, only to find that she got more than she bargained for. The film also stars Tom Hopper, Poppy Liu and Gabrielle Union, Kuhoo Verma, Desi Lydic, Sebastián Yatra, Yasha Jackson, Andrew Call, Troy Iwata, Josephine Huang, Dave Foley, Sam Robards and Joshua Harto.

The official synopsis reads,
“Tiffany “Rex” Simpson (Emma Roberts) has always dreamed of going to space, but life isn’t going quite as planned. Determined to turn things around, she aims high and with the embellishing touch of her supportive best friend Nadine (Poppy Liu), her “doctored” application lands her in NASA’s ultra-competitive astronaut training program. In over her head, Rex relies on her quick wits, moxie and determination to get to the top of her class. NASA program directors Pam (Gabrielle Union) and Logan (Tom Hopper) certainly take notice, but can this Florida girl get through training and into the cosmos before she blows her cover? Written and directed by Liz W. Garcia (“Purple Hearts,” “The Sinner”), Space Cadet is a comedy about the power of being yourself, following your dreams and shooting for the stars.”

Interestingly, last year, Roberts was also once slated to star in another astronaut film, which was a sci-fi thriller called The Astronaut. She would eventually drop out with Kate Mara taking her place as the lead. The Astronaut would mark the writing and directing debut of Jess Varley. Varley had previously contributed a segment to the anthology film Phobias. The screenplay Varley wrote has the following synopsis: When astronaut Sam Walker (Mara) returns from her first space mission, she’s found miraculously alive in a punctured capsule floating deep off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. General William Harris (Fishburne) arranges for her to be placed under intense NASA surveillance in a high security house for rehabilitation and medical testing. However, when disturbing occurrences begin happening around the property, she fears that something extraterrestrial has followed her back to Earth.

Space Cadet is set to take off on Prime Video on July 4.

Space Cadet
Space Cadet
Space Cadet
Space Cadet

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