The Fall Guy: Ryan Gosling says there’s already a script for the sequel (but will it ever get made?)

Stunts don’t go right every time and as The Fall Guy seems to stumble out of the gate, time will tell if it gets caught in the safety net and gets another take.

It may not be looking too good for the box office of The Fall Guy, but there have been slow-starting movies before. Ryan Gosling has revealed that there is already a script written for a sequel and all that’s left is the hope that audiences vote with their wallets so another one gets greenlit. While The Fall Guy is an established intellectual property, it’s not exactly a title that the masses geek out over. The star power of Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt was seen to be a big driving force for audiences. While this year sees some stalls in releases due to the strikes, The Fall Guy was expected to open with at least $30 million in its opening weekend, but fell shy of that number.

Gosling, who portrays a stuntman in the film, has told Men’s Journal that a script for a sequel came together rather quickly. He stated, “These days everyone always hopes their movie can become a franchise. I’d be a little terrified for you about the notion of making another Fall Guy where you’d be expected to outdo the stunts in this one, but what do you think about doing this all over again?” He continued to elaborate on the script, “The sequel sort of wrote itself. We already know [the story] intimately. We’re just hoping that people like this movie enough that we get to keep telling the story of these characters. We love them so much, and we love this world, and I feel confident that we can do it.”

It remains to be seen how The Fall Guy will close out, but Gosling is for sure excited to see what happens in further adventures of these characters, “We love these characters so much that we wanted to know, just for ourselves, what happens to Colt and [Emily Blunt’s character] Jody after the movie ends? What’s the next phase for them? And we know exactly what it is. So hopefully the audience wants to know, too.”

The Fall Guy will soon have to contend with a new franchise sequel in Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes. While those movies never quite reached Marvel-level numbers, every entry in the new series has shown consistent performances in terms of audience quality and box office numbers. The Matt Reeves trilogy seemingly closed out the prequel arc. However, the studio is banking that there’s more story to tell and intrigue audiences with.

Meanwhile, our Chris Bumbray had a blast with The Fall Guy, saying, The Fall Guy really is a terrific summer action movie and a throwback to a different (better) time in genre movie-making. More than anything, it’s a tribute to the stunt industry and a demand that it gets the recognition it deserves, with the point made over and over that CGI action is lame and can’t hold a candle to the old ways.” You can view his full review HERE.

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