The Process: Halle Berry is set to produce and star in psychological thriller

Halle Berry is set to appear in a new psychological thriller about a cult and will also produce through her banner, HalleHolly.

Prior to the SAG-AFTRA strike, Halle Berry had attached herself to a new psychological thriller that she is also set to produce, titled The Process. Deadline reports that Berry will be producing through her company, HalleHolly, with Robert Kravis and Karl Herrmann producing through their Pioneer Pictures banner. Berry is coming off of a personal passion project from Netflix, which she also directed, in which she starred as an MMA fighter, called Bruised. She could also be seen in the recent disaster movie Moonfall by famous Earth-destroying filmmaker Roland Emmerich. Tara Miele will be sitting in the director’s chair for The Process.

Kravis and Herrmann shared their enthusiasm about the upcoming project, “We are thrilled to be working with HalleHolly to bring Levin’s amazing screenplay to the screen. Tara’s vision for the film—a Kubrickian psychological thriller taking us down the rabbit hole of self-help cults, and Halle’s interpretation of the film’s lead character, Kirsa—a woman fighting to preserve her marriage and her sanity amid an oppressive cult of personality, will leave audiences breathless.”

The synopsis, according to Deadline, involves “a seemingly happily married couple, who attend the weekend seminar of Aiden, a renowned self-help guru, and are asked to examine their individual lives, careers, and ultimately their marriage, but when Kirsa resists Aiden’s ‘process’ and his cult of committed volunteers, and Peter buys in, their relationship and sanity are quickly put to the test.”

The screenplay comes from scribe Levin Menekse. The director, Miele, glowed about the script, “It’s so rare to find a script like Levin Menekse’s THE PROCESS that is gripping, emotionally resonant, and feels essential in this moment. I’m thrilled to get to bring this gem to life and to collaborate with Halle Berry, who brings such raw, real presence to the screen as an actress and is also an incredibly thoughtful collaborator and savvy producer.” Miele’s recent work includes the new Apple Original Series, Lessons in Chemistry, which stars Brie Larson. She had also directed a standalone episode of another Apple series, the anthology titled, Little America.

FilmNation Entertainment is set to launch the international sales for The Process at AFM with Verve Ventures and WME Independent will be co-repping on the North American rights.

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