They Will Kill You: Zazie Beetz to star in horror film produced by the Muschiettis

Zazie Beetz of Joker and Deadpool 2 has signed on to star in the horror film They Will Kill You, produced by the Muschiettis

Director Andy Muschietti and his producer / sister Barbara Muschietti, the filmmaking team behind Mama and the $1 billion grossing adaptations of Stephen King’s It, recently teamed up with Skydance to form a new horror label called Nocturna – and the first project that will be coming out of the Nocturna partnership is called They Will Kill You. Deadline reports that Zazie Beetz, whose credits include Joker, Bullet Train, and Deadpool 2, has just signed on to star in the film.

Beetz will be taking on the role of a woman who answers a help-wanted ad to be a housekeeper in a mysterious New York City high-rise. She doesn’t realize she is entering a community that has seen a number of disappearances over the years.  

The Muschiettis are producing They Will Kill You alongside David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, Don Granger, and Dan Kagan, as well as Nocturna Co-Heads of Film, Russell Ackerman and John Schoenfelder.

Kirill Sokolov – who is said to be known for his dark sense of humor – will be directing the film from a screenplay he wrote with Alex Litvak. Sokolov previously directed the action comedy No Looking Back and the comedic thriller Why Don’t You Just Die!, both of which were Russian productions. Litvak is best known for writing the 2010 Predator sequel Predators with Michael Finch. He went on to co-write Paul W.S. Anderson’s version of The Three Musketeers and the TV movie Secret Society of Second Born Royals.

When Nocturna was announced earlier this year, Dana Goldberg, Skydance’s chief creative officer, said: “Andy and Barbara are visionary filmmakers who have mastered the art of scary event movies that connect with global audiences, and David and I along with the entire Skydance team are thrilled to partner with them on the launch of Nocturna. It’s fitting that They Will Kill You will be our first project, as it perfectly encapsulates Nocturna’s mission of delivering unique and entertaining horror experiences that will live in the audiences’ nightmares for years.

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