Trick or Treat (1986) is making its streaming debut just in time for Halloween

The 1986 rock ‘n roll horror classic Trick or Treat will be streaming on SCREAMBOX just in time for Halloween

The 1986 rock ‘n roll horror film Trick or Treat, one of my all-time favorite movies, is getting a Blu-ray and 4K UHD release (and possibly a new DVD release) from Synapse Films. We’re still waiting to hear a release date for that, as obviously the company wasn’t able to meet the hoped-for October release window – but while we wait for the special physical media release, Trick or Treat is set to making its streaming debut on the SCREAMBOX service this Friday, October 27th! Just in time for Halloween viewing!

Directed by Charles Martin Smith from a screenplay by Rhet Topham, Joel Soisson, and Michael S. Murphey (with an uncredited polish from the Final Destination duo of James Wong and Glen Morgan), Trick or Treat has the following synopsis: This mesmerizing horror adventure takes you into the terrifying dark side of rock’n’roll. Marc Price (Family Ties) stars as Eddie Weinbauer, a teenage outcast who idolizes Sammi Curr, a heavy metal rock superstar. After Sammi dies a violent death, his spirit returns to help Eddie get even with his high school tormentors. In doing so, Sammi begins to gain control over Eddie’s life and brings him deeper into the world of the occult. When Eddie realizes that he has become the tool of Sammi’s evil revenge, he attempts to stop him. The horrifying events that follow leave no one unscathed.

Marc Price is joined in the cast by Lisa Orgolini, Doug Savant, Elaine Joyce, and Glen Morgan, with Tony Fields as Sammi Curr and special appearances by Ozzy Osbourne and Gene Simmons.

SCREAMBOX acquired the Trick or Treat streaming rights from Red Shirt Pictures/Synapse Films, so the film’s streaming debut will also be the first time fans will be able to watch the new restoration from Synapse Films.

SCREAMBOX is powered by our friends at Bloody Disgusting, and Brad Miska, the Managing Director of Bloody Disgusting/Cineverse, provided the following statement: “Heavy metal, horror and raising Hell, does it get more 80s than that? Often forgotten among the Freddys and Jasons of the decade, Trick or Treat broke new ground by tapping into the varied interests of their viewers. The keen understanding these filmmakers had would allow for the expanse of the genre for years to come. Releasing titles like this is the best part of running a service like SCREAMBOX, because we are able to find these gems and share them with a new generation.

Michael Felsher of Red Shirt Pictures added, “Trick or Treat has been my ‘white whale’ so-to-speak for more years than I can count. This movie had fallen through the cracks for years, and now it’s coming back in a big, big way.  Getting to work with Synapse Films to restore and re-release this criminally underrated rock ‘n’ shock rollercoaster ride has been a dream come true!  Red Shirt Pictures is thrilled to work with SCREAMBOX to help expose the legend of Sammi Curr to a whole new audience!

Are you a fan of Trick or Treat, and are you glad to hear the movie will be streaming on SCREAMBOX? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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