Tron: Ares has wrapped production as director shares new photos

Tron: Ares has wrapped production as director Joachim Rønning shares new behind-the-scenes photos on social media.

I’ll admit I doubted a third Tron movie would ever happen, but I’m thankful to be proven wrong. After kicking off production at the start of the year, Tron: Ares has wrapped production and director Joachim Rønning has shared a handful of photos on Instagram.

That’s a wrap on TRON: ARES,” Rønning wrote. “Thanks to an incredible and tireless crew, I really believe we pushed the filmmaking limits on this movie. Even through six weeks of night shoots you never slowed down. Also, a big thank you to our wonderful cast for leaving everything on screen. I can’t wait to show the world what we’ve done.” You’ll note that some of the photos contain blurred-out elements, with one seemingly covering up a Light Cycle.

Tron: Aresfollows a highly sophisticated Program, Ares, who is sent from the digital world into the real world on a dangerous mission, marking humankind’s first encounter with A.I. beings.” The film stars Jared Leto, Greta Lee, Evan Peters, Hasan Minhaj, Jodie Turner-Smith, Arturo Castro, Cameron Monaghan, and Gillian Anderson.

To the delight of Tron fans, it was confirmed last month that Jeff Bridges will also return. “I’m heading off this Saturday to play a part in the third installment of the Tron story,” Bridges said. “I’m excited about that. It’s wild. Jared Leto is the star of this third one, and I’m really anxious to work with him, and I’ve admired his work.” He also spoke about the visual effects of the last Tron movie, which found him digitally de-aged in a way that didn’t always work. “[I’m really excited] to see what the technology is going to be all about [this time],” he said. “When I did Tron: Legacy, we had to put all these dots on our face and all these kinds of things. And that’s [probably] all passé. I had to see myself as a young guy or as another character, but the same guy, but it was gonna be digitally created. I think it was [de-aging], but I didn’t like the way I looked in it; I felt like I looked more like Bill Maher than myself; it was kind of bizarre [laughs]. I’m anxious to see what the technology and what it will be. I hear there’s even less A.I. stuff in this. It’s going to be more a practical set, and they’re beautiful; there are beautiful sets that I’ve seen.

Tron: Ares is set to hit theaters on October 10, 2025.

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