31 ADHD Stories in 31 Days with Award-Winning Journalist and TV/Radio Personality Lindsay Guentzel and ADHD Online
Guentzel and ADHD Online partner to publish a podcast episode every day during October, providing information and support while breaking down stigmas about ADHD and mental health.

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Lindsay Guentzel is an award-winning radio journalist, producer, mental health advocate, and host of Refocused with Lindsay Guentzel. In this podcast, she holds authentic and informative conversations with people from diverse backgrounds who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) to explore the often misunderstood world of ADHD. And during October, ADHD Awareness Month, Guentzel, alongside ADHD Online, is publishing a podcast episode every day as a special edition series titled Refocused, Together.

"I remember visiting my therapist for the first time after my diagnosis, sulking in her chair in confusion and telling her — I can't believe I didn't see it," said Guentzel, who was nearly 35 when she was diagnosed with ADHD. "I felt like my diagnosis gave me clarity on my mental and physical health, the way I managed my career, my relationships, and my entire life, but I was still lost. The more I sought support following my diagnosis, the more I realized there wasn't a lot out there, and I wanted to change that."

Guentzel's struggle to find guidance on navigating the impacts of ADHD ignited a passion in her to create a space that provides support, resources, and a shared experience for others living with ADHD. And this month, Guentzel is focused on showing the world the many faces and journeys of ADHD to break down stigmas within mental health, offer relatability to anyone living with the disorder, and inspire those who have a loved one with ADHD on ways they can be supportive.

In the special edition series, Refocused, Together, Guentzel interviews guests across the country from diverse backgrounds and industries, ages 14-60, who walk listeners through their journeys with ADHD. From self-advocacy within the healthcare system to the implications of an ADHD diagnosis within different cultures, these authentic, informative, enlightening, sometimes challenging, and funny conversations aim to illuminate and help change the narrative and stigma around ADHD. 

At least 6 million children ages 3-17 in the U.S. have been diagnosed with ADHD. An estimated 11 million adults nationwide have been diagnosed with ADHD, many of whom were diagnosed for the first time in adulthood. By the mid-2010s, adults replaced children as the primary market for ADHD medication. The pandemic saw a rise in adult diagnosis, but even before then, between 2007 and 2016, reported instances of ADHD rose 123% in U.S. adults.

The podcast has also had a significant impact on its guests, too. "In some cases, guests have followed up and shared that the podcast helped them gain support from family and friends who were oblivious to their struggle until they listened to their episode," said Guentzel.

Some of the episodes Guentzel hosts in October will include:

●  Laura Hoyos and Creating Community - Hoyos shares the story of how she's working to break down stereotypes and educate and unite the Latinx community through her ADHD diagnosis.
●  Bryan Le and Taking this Journey with Loved Ones - Le shares his story on his diagnosis and ADHD within the Vietnamese-American culture. 
●  Amy Marschall - Marschall, a psychologist, spent a career diagnosing others with ADHD but was oblivious to her own ADHD.    
●  JeVona Maniex and Advocating for Yourself - Maniex shares her story of advocating for herself within an inequitable healthcare system and on the job.

Listeners can preview the series here: https://youtu.be/pZIqnXMNdU8 and tune in to full episodes on Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio, and Spotify.

About Lindsay Guentzel
Lindsay Guentzel is an award-winning radio journalist and producer who has notched wins for reporting, producing, and writing for both CBS Radio affiliate WCCO Radio and Minnesota Public Radio. She has also worked with Major League Baseball, FOX Sports, and the Minnesota Twins, and her work has appeared on ESPN, NPR, ABC, and the New York Times. 

About ADHD Online

ADHD Online was founded in 2018 with the mission that everyone should have access to quality ADHD assessments regardless of who and where they are. The ADHD Online team is filled with industry experts across the United States who all share the same passion for ADHD and making sure patients have access to critical mental health services. ADHD Online is leading the way with being a critical voice for those who might be struggling with ADHD and is the only organization to offer HIPAA-secured ADHD assessments online with results from licensed psychologists. ADHD Online is active in all 50 states.

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