Advancing Imaging Without Barriers! at ECR 2024, AGFA HealthCare Shows How Enterprise Imaging Enables ‘Next-Generation Radiology’
At ECR in Vienna, AGFA HealthCare will demonstrate how it delivers on promises of ‘next-generation radiology’ with innovations to enable imaging without barriers, empowering health systems to pioneer, and then navigate the complex and dynamic landscape of modern service delivery.

At ECR in Vienna, AGFA HealthCare will demonstrate how it delivers on promises of "next-generation radiology" with innovations to enable imaging without barriers, empowering health systems to pioneer and then navigate the complex and dynamic landscape of modern service delivery.

The European Radiology community will see how our Enterprise Imaging Platform is developed to enable location-agnostic management of images, frictionless near real-time access, hassle-free collaboration and increased confidence to clinical imaging practices. Intelligent workflow orchestration enables health systems to tailor the solution to their specific needs and goals, including shared workflows and task distribution to support established, and envisaged, collaborated hospital networks.

Visitors to ECR will also discover how new and fully integrated features of AGFA HealthCare Enterprise Imaging allow radiologists to focus on the patient, and healthcare providers to enhance their standards of care delivery. Enterprise Imaging’s web-based platform harnesses the power of RUBEE® Orchestrator, RUBEE® AI Packages and Streaming Client* technologies to deliver accessibility, retrievability, flexibility, efficiency and performance. Images and information are displayed in near-real time, streamed to the radiologist where and when needed, whilst repetitive tasks are reduced.

Enhance the radiologists’ flow by eliminating barriers and disruptions

Roberto Anello, Regional President for Northern Europe for AGFA HealthCare, elaborates on AGFA HealthCare’s solution-rich offerings and what the imaging community can expect to see at this leading European radiology event:

“Our Enterprise Imaging Platform enables an integrated imaging network - providing ‘imaging without barriers’ across specialties, sites, geographies and time zones by reducing complexity, improving clinical collaboration, and enabling healthcare providers to achieve their goals to their full potential. That’s why our AGFA HealthCare Enterprise Imaging Platform is purposefully designed to enhance the radiologists’ flow by eliminating barriers and disruptions.”

Andrea Polticchia, Regional President for Southern Europe, talks about the relevance of this year’s ECR theme against AGFA HealthCare’s own visions:

“Delivering technology that feels like an extension of a clinician’s thinking is at the core Enterprise Imaging, and we are excited to show our support to ECR’s own next-generation philosophy, plus their drive to co-join humans and technology, within our own solutions. The European Radiology community is renowned for forward-thinking - historically providing AGFA HealthCare with some of the most insightful viewpoints. We are naturally delighted to share those advancements with this community at ECR 2024.”

Keen to enable clinicians to become ‘powerhouses’ of evidence-based analytical intelligence, AGFA HealthCare’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr Anjum Ahmed, comments on the trending topic of Artificial Intelligence:

“AI must be at the heart of any discussion around the future of medical imaging, and we are certain that we remain on the cutting-edge of dialogue to provide qualified, consultative input. With RUBEE® AI Packages, we offer best-of-breed AI packages that help break down barriers to implementing innovation and enable clinicians to become powerhouses of evidence-based analytical intelligence. Departments become more productive, and staff more data efficient. Our customers have shared key metrics with us on how they are improving their clinical operations by leveraging the RUBEE® AI strategy, which is helping us innovate further.” 

Dr. Anjum Ahmed will be speaking at the AI Theatre, presenting case study summaries on how customers are leveraging the RUBEE® framework and documenting key performance indicators, in collaboration with AGFA HealthCare and our AI partners. See the latest ECR Programme here

Clinical innovations that empower Radiologists and connect health systems

Increasingly, healthcare providers are recognizing the value of an enterprise strategy with Enterprise Imaging, which builds a secure, modular and scalable ecosystem - with precision and intuition - in even the largest healthcare integrated network. At ECR 2024, you can discover new clinical innovations embedded in the platform, including:

  • Shared Reading Workflow: empowers radiologists to be more collaborative and consultative by balancing their workloads, synchronizing their task lists, and optimizing their time management with intelligent distribution of diagnostic reporting tasks across the hospital network, across independent Enterprise Imaging clusters.
  • RUBEE® Orchestrator: This transformative solution intelligently orchestrates tasks, helping radiologists to stay in the flow of their daily working routines - regardless of location - and unleash remote resources across regional and district borders.
  • Streaming Client*: With this web-based technology, AGFA HealthCare’s Enterprise Imaging makes images available near real-time, wherever they are needed. Radiologists break free from geographical constraints, and all members of the care team are empowered to collaborate seamlessly.
  • RUBEE® AI Packages: AGFA HealthCare’s growing portfolio of AI packages demonstrates the power of embedding AI into Enterprise Imaging workflows. Discover how our customers are leveraging these innovations in their daily practice and becoming more productive. more productive.
  • Enterprise Imaging Cloud: These customizable services seamlessly close the image management infrastructure gap, delivering a solution that is secure, scalable, and accessible; easy to maintain and use; at a predictable cost.
  • Enterprise Imaging Lesion Tracking: Enables structured analytics for radiologists and oncologists, making it fast and easy to track and report on lesions - all from a single workstation.
  • Enterprise Imaging for Pathology*: Built for pathologists by pathologists, and powered by Corista DP3®, this solution brings pathologists into the Enterprise Imaging ecosystem - whilst enabling them to work comfortably in their familiar flow.

Let us demonstrate “That’s life in flow” in Vienna from 28 February to 2 March 2024 at the AGFA HealthCare booth X2 #207. Please reach out to book a booth discussion or demonstration with our team of experts. 

* available on a regional basis

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