CorDx is Expected to Launch Groundbreaking 10-Minute Solution for Distinguishing COVID-19 and Flu A/B as Respiratory Cases Surge Across the U.S.


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Against the backdrop of a concerning surge in respiratory diseases leading to widespread alarm across the United States, CorDx has submitted its application for its CorDx TyFast Flu A/B & COVID-19 Multiplex Rapid Test for FDA’s review. This cutting-edge multiplex test aims to deliver results in just 10 minutes and establishes a new benchmark for detecting and distinguishing the nucleocapsid protein antigens of COVID-19, influenza A, and influenza B.

The lateral flow immunoassay device is designed for qualitative detection and differentiation, with samples collected directly from nasal swabs of individuals suspected of respiratory viral infection. Designed for use in professional point-of-care (POC) settings as well as for over-the-counter (OTC) use, the test will be performed by either healthcare professionals or by individuals themselves.

CorDx's new multiplex rapid test kit will deliver rapid results in just 10 minutes, proving to be a game-changer in the current healthcare landscape. The rapid test's multiplex capabilities provide an efficient and accurate diagnostic solution, crucial as both influenza and COVID-19 cases continue to rise.

"The introduction of this multiplex rapid test is a critical step forward in our fight against respiratory viral infections. We’ve received a high volume of calls from across the country expressing interest in us developing this type of multiplex rapid test solution, and we will urgently expand our production lines in Georgia and California to meet this surging demand immediately after FDA’s EUA confirmation,” stated Jeff (Aiiso) Yufeng Li, CorDx’s founder and CSO.

Dr. Jack Hou, CorDx Tyfast’s Associate Scientific Director, also shared his insights on the multiplex product. "Its ability to deliver fast and accurate results for both influenza and COVID-19 from a single sample is unparalleled. Based on current clinical results, our multiplex test kits have demonstrated exceptional performance,” stated Dr. Hou. "This will not only improve patient outcomes by facilitating timely and appropriate treatment but also significantly reduce the burden on our healthcare systems."

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Original Source: CorDx is Expected to Launch Groundbreaking 10-Minute Solution for Distinguishing COVID-19 and Flu A/B as Respiratory Cases Surge Across the U.S.
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