Heroic Hearts Project and Maya Partner to Establish Advanced Data Capture Protocols for Veterans Seeking Psychedelic Treatments
Maya will be the outcomes data capture platform for veterans undergoing psychedelic treatments funded by Heroic Hearts Project. Maya will simultaneously be deployed with related organizations, The Mission Within, Heroic Path to Light, and The Hope Project. Combined, this partnership will generate the largest structured dataset illustrating health outcomes of psychedelic treatments for veterans and their family members.

NEW YORK - September 1, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

Today, Heroic Hearts Project and Maya PBC announced their partnership in support of aggregating clinical evidence for health outcomes achieved through novel psychedelic treatments provided to the veteran community. Through the partnership, Heroic Hearts Project will invite all participants to track their wellness journeys using Maya's purpose-built software platform, to establish the world's most comprehensive body of evidence for clinically valid outcomes data.

Psychedelic medicines have the potential to improve the quality of life for Veterans suffering from PTSD, addiction, suicidal ideation and struggling to reintegrate into civilian life. The outcomes of this work can be used to influence policy, provide proof of efficacy, and most importantly, be used as part of the veteran's integration process; illustrating the effectiveness of the treatments themselves.

Since 2017, Heroic Hearts Project has been a leader in providing access to alternative therapies for veterans who suffer from military trauma. They have built a healing community centered around safe, supervised psychedelic treatments combined with professional preparation- and integration-coaching and ongoing peer support. Their programs currently serve more than 100 veterans annually, and they expect to double that capacity in 2023.

Heroic Hearts Project's programs primarily involve Ayahuasca — an Amazonian plant mixture generally consumed in a tea like brew — but some also work with Ibogaine, 5-MeO-DMT, Psilocybin, and Ketamine. The altered states induced by these medicines often enable individuals to revisit and process personal traumas in a safe, controlled setting. Many compare the experience to doing ten years of therapy in one week. To date, the organization has funded more than $700,000 for veterans to access these treatments in countries where they are not prohibited by law.

"We are beyond thrilled to partner with Maya in this game-changing endeavor. Data tells stories and Maya's platform will enable us to tell our story in a way that will help save lives by educating veterans, providers, and legislators on the therapeutic potential of psychedelic medicines," said Zach Riggle, COO of Heroic Hearts.

The Maya platform empowers psychedelic researchers, providers, and participants to collaboratively chart psychedelic best practices. The product suite includes a purpose-built Companion App for individuals, a Measurement Based Care Platform for providers, and a Real World Data Platform for both academic and commercial researchers. By bridging the gap between psychedelic research and real-world practices, Maya activates true decentralized collaboration across the community. 

"We believe that the only way to accelerate safe and effective, legal, psychedelic practices - for those in need of alternative solutions to some of the most urgent mental health challenges of our time - is to look beyond controlled studies and to the growing landscape of real-world psychedelic practices," said David Champion, CEO of Maya. "By inviting participants to contribute their journeys to a well-structured, anonymized, and secure dataset, we hope to support amazing organizations like Heroic Hearts Project, to create the body of evidence needed to establish credibility for these treatments, to inform sensible legislation, and to garner greater funding for their communities. We couldn't be more proud of and excited for this collaboration."

Contact: Zach Riggle, COO Heroic Hearts Project, zach@heroicheartsproject.org, (760) 285-7959

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