HTVRONT Initiated a Series of Non-Profit Craft Events in October
The leading craft brand launched 10 social events facing craft lovers and families with media influencers from October 10 to 15, 2023, in the US and the Dominican Republic.

HTVRONT, known as one of the top-ranking brands in the handicraft industry, held a series of non-profit, local events in the US and Dominican Republic from Oct. 10-15, gathering 10 famous craft influencers and its newest intelligent tumbler heat press, the HTVRONT Tumbler Heat Press, in an effort to deliver care to society and creative groups before the winter comes.

These social events were held in schools, churches, parks, stadiums, markets, and communities in the US and the Dominican Republic, standing not only for HTVRONT's candid dedication toward society but also for its brand value of delivering happiness to everyone through its better-valued and premium products. Herman, the CEO of HTVRONT, said they expected to help explore more innovative thinking and practical ability in people's daily lives at these events and also give back support and love to local customers.

At the events sponsored by HTVRONT, all participants were equipped with an abundance of craft materials like heat transfer vinyl and sublimation paper and the latest advanced craft machine, the HTVRONT Tumbler Heat Press. With all the supplies and careful instructions, people onsite were empowered to design and create more independently. Most attendees praised HTVRONT for its devotion to conveying the importance of creativity and hoped there would be more events like this. 

One participant commented, "My family and I just came by, and we're really glad to join this event. This smart heat press machine massively amazed us by its fast and even heat. It is equipped with an intuitive display screen and several setting buttons. You're then allowed to set and monitor freely. I have to say, DIY seems unprecedentedly easy and efficient under the support of HTVRONT machines and materials. The moment I got my own unique and custom tumbler in hand, I felt that this was a terrific day!"

These non-profit events also won the recognition and acknowledgment of the 10 influencers who collaborated with HTVRONT. "Through these events, I have felt the immense hospitality and inclusiveness HTVRONT performed in these places. The school, the church, the park, the community, and more! It makes us realize that creative activities are genuinely for everyone in this globe. And to some extent, these events deepened the bond of our neighbors while encouraging people to embrace the fun of handcrafting," said Christy Kanashiro, one of the YouTube Influencers.

This series of social events is part of the "HTVRONT Care" project, staying steadfast in implementing the brand's social responsibility, and there will be more online and offline activities, including non-profit sporting and pets-related events, continuing in the future.

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