Jiaherb’s Rhodiola Rosea Receives CITES Certification
Jiaherb becomes the first ingredient company to receive this certificate due to its ongoing sustainability and environmental efforts.

Rhodiola Rosea

In the field harvesting Rhodiola Rosea Roots

Jiaherb, Inc. announced today that it received its Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) certification for its rhodiola rosea ingredient. Jiaherb is a leading manufacturer of herbal extracts and natural ingredients whose mission is to provide the highest-quality ingredients while offering superior customer service.

CITES protects and regulates plants in international trade so that the commercial demand in the marketplace does not threaten their survival in the wild. CITES certification of rhodiola rosea ensures the ingredient is sustainably traded as well as regulated with positive impacts on the population of its species.  

As a premier manufacturer of natural ingredients, Jiaherb focuses its sustainability efforts through social, economic, and environmental means while guaranteeing customers consistent efficacy and efficiency through traceability 100% of the time. At the forefront of Jiaherb's sustainability efforts, the ingredient supplier adopted rhodiola rosea through the Adopt-an-Herb Program with the American Botanical Council (ABC) in 2017. This effort has allowed the company to stay current with the scientific and clinical research of the ingredient as well as develop a sustainable future to protect rhodiola rosea from overharvesting. As the demand for rhodiola rosea continues to grow in the marketplace, adding a CITES certification protects the herb and strengthens Jiaherb's sustainability efforts as an ingredient supplier.

Jiaherb's cultivates rhodiola rosea to make the product more sustainable and only harvests roots which are more than five years old. Quality and reliable sourcing is a top priority for the company. The company ensures they are using the best quality rhodiola rosea which has more potency and fewer contaminants such as heavy metals and pesticides. 

"Having our CITES certification ensures Jiaherb's responsible sourcing and sustainability efforts of rhodiola rosea and allows us to continue to deliver only the very best quality of the ingredient to our customers," says Chris Oesterheld, Executive Vice President. 

This year, in its continuing sustainability efforts, Jiaherb supported the Nature Conservancy, which tackles climate change, protects lands and water, provides food and water, and builds healthy cities.

"Our sustainability efforts and environmental and social responsibility continue to be a top priority for our company. Adding CITES certification to our growing list of sustainability efforts, including adopting rhodiola rosea with the American Botanical Council and supporting the Nature Conservancy, have become part of the core strategy of our company," says Scott Chen, President. 

About Jiaherb

Jiaherb, Inc. manufactures herbal extracts and powders, natural sweeteners, fruit juice and vegetable powders, spices, vitamins, and much more. The company is an NSF Certified, GMP-compliant manufacturer of natural ingredients and herbal extracts that are used in the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food and beverage industries. For more information, visit www.jiaherbinc.com

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