Revolution Dating: Award-Winning Matchmaking Firm Featured in Manhattan City Lifestyle Magazine

In line with February's love theme, check out the newest cover girls in Manhattan City Lifestyle Magazine. Meet the Revolution Dating Matchmakers. The acclaimed matchmaking firm is captivating the interest of upscale Manhattan singles. City Lifestyle Magazine highlights Kelly Leary, M.S., the visionary CEO and Founder of Revolution Dating, powered by A List Introductions. With over three decades of experience in the dating industry and a master's degree in clinical psychology, Kelly's expertise shines brightly.

Kelly's journey in the industry catapulted her to become the face of a prominent national dating service on Madison Avenue in the early 2000s. Fast forward two decades and Kelly returns to Madison Avenue, eager to share her love with vibrant New York City and the Tristate community once again.

Introduced by Kelly in 2014, Revolution Dating quickly gained a devoted following among jet-setters who split their time between Florida and the Tristate Area, eagerly awaiting its Manhattan debut. Kelly's decision to expand was influenced by perfect timing, driven by the rise of Wall Street South and the migration to Florida.

Singles navigating the New York City dating scene can find it challenging, but Kelly Leary is here to connect individuals with her vast connections and experience. Singles from Manhattan, the Tristate area, South Florida, Palm Beach, and the Treasure Coast can find love in their own backyard, eliminating the need to stress out with online dating or the bar scene.

Revolution Dating clients and couples have passionately supported this northeastern love movement, and Kelly extends her gratitude for their unwavering loyalty, spanning 33 years. Her clients enjoy sharing their success stories when they choose to forgo the privacy rule, a testament to Revolution Dating's commitment to trust and confidentiality. Discretion is paramount, especially for these high-profile singles. Revolution Dating respects their privacy by keeping clients anonymous until they choose to meet, ensuring authenticity, a decrease in game playing, and an increase in sincerity.

By Kelly's side stands Miranda Capparelli, the Head Matchmaker of Revolution Dating. Their kinship, formed years ago in a Palm Beach yoga studio, brings a dynamic blend of modern dating culture and traditional values. They advocate for offline connections in a digitalized world, emphasizing the importance of real-life interactions.

Revolution Dating offers a variety of membership options, ensuring everyone can make the right choice. Clients have the freedom to choose what suits them best, with guidance from the expert team.

In 2024, Revolution Dating remains the ultimate matchmaking solution, with genuine clientele dedicated to heartfelt intentions. Kelly's unwavering dedication ensures each client receives a personalized experience, spreading hope and love across the city. 

As Kelly aptly puts it, "Being single in the city isn't easy. It's time to Love More in 2024!" Revolution Dating is here to change the narrative.

For more information about Revolution Dating and to book an appointment, please contact their local office at 646-522-3089 or visit their website at

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Kelly Leary, M.S.

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