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FIRST-EVER Ready-to-Use Wax Stick That Removes Unwanted Nose and Ear Hair

Maxxgroom Launches ‘A True Game Changer’ in Men’s Grooming

Maxxgroom Wax Sticks

LAS VEGAS - July 27, 2021 - (

Maxxgroom announced this week it has released the first-ever men's grooming ready-to-use wax stick called the MaxxGroom Wax Stick.

"We all know that electric nose trimmers don't work well, are loud, annoying to use, and leave irritating thick stubble behind," said Brad Harrison, founder and owner of Maxxgroom Wax Sticks. "With our first-ever wax sticks that are designed to be easy to use and even easier to pack in a man's shaving kit, men can easily control unwanted nose and ear hair."

Harrison has been working for years to perfect the wax stick, pouring time and money into research and 67 failed attempts at getting the perfect wax blend. With his team of chemists, Harrison developed the wax formula on the 68th try: a reusable, disposable, and biodegradable wax that does not require any heat or electricity to use.

The Maxxgroom Wax Stick package includes four wax sticks and four post-wax swabs. The swabs are made with organic jojoba oil which soothes the skin and removes any residue that has been left behind.

"Men deserve access to the same agile and easy-to-use beauty and grooming products as women, which is why we are so excited to announce the official launch of our groundbreaking product today," concluded Harrison.

The Maxxgroom Wax Sticks package is available at
Subscriptions are also available.

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VLink Inc.'s New Software Product Earns Prestigious Industry Recognition

VLink Inc., a global IT service provider headquartered in Connecticut, USA, announced that its new SaaS product offering SimplyEDI has been announced as the winner of The New England Electronic Commerce Users' Group (NEECOM) 2019 EC/EDI Solution of the Year Award, recognizing and honoring best-in-class Electronic Commerce/Electronic Data Interchange software solutions.

NEECOM named the winner of 2019 at the annual NEECOM Fall Conference, one of the top Electronic Data Interchange conferences in the United States bringing together innovative EDI vendors and EDI users which was held in Westborough, Massachusetts, on Oct. 17, 2019. The NEECOM EC/EDI Solution of the Year Award committee of EDI experts reviewed SimplyEDI's and other nominees' product features and ROI through a detailed questionnaire. 

VLink Inc. recently introduced SimplyEDI, a cost-effective, user-friendly HIPAA-compliant X12 schema validating tool that helps business users in the health insurance industry to simplify manual interventions in complex Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transactions to significantly reduce costs and improve their customer Net Promoter Score. It is primarily used in Claims Adjudication, Billing Reconciliation and Enrollment Inquiry. The business users can not only view the files in a human-readable format but can also create, edit, validate and reprocess them as required. SimplyEDI offers a user-friendly UI with a built-in parser and validator to validate the EDI files against the respective specifications. SimplyEDI has been architected on an open and extendible framework that can easily be configured to support many more EDI file formats that are used in various industries beyond healthcare.   

"VLink Inc. is proud to be recognized as the creator of this outstanding EDI solution which simplifies manual interventions in EDI processes," said Sharad Patney, VLink Inc. President and Chief Executive Officer. "Time savings, cost reduction and customer satisfaction are all key desired outcomes when choosing a software solution. We've developed a product that would address these in especially costly health insurance EDI processes requiring manual interventions. Our SaaS product SimplyEDI provides 80% -90% in time and cost savings while eliminating the need for IT involvement in manual EDI processes," Patney said. 

About VLink Inc. 

Since its inception in 2006, VLink Inc. has become a reliable and nimble partner with a primary focus on small and mid-sized global customers in North America and APAC regions, providing information technology and strategic workforce solutions. VLink Inc.'s engineering mindset and access to a global talent pool enable it to swiftly create affordable and tailored solutions for its clients. VLink particularly has extensive experience in web/mobile application development and maintenance, data engineering and analysis solutions.

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Tracy Gardner
Global Marketing Director
VLink Inc. 
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Original Source: VLink Inc.'s Software-as-a-Service Product SimplyEDI Named as the Winner of the New England Electronic Commerce Users' Group (NEECOM) 2019 EC/EDI Solution of the Year Award
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