Friday Fright Nights: Watch the supernatural horror movie I Know You’re in There!

The free movie we have for this week’s edition of Friday Fright Nights is the supernatural horror film I Know You’re in There

A full Free Movie of the Day is posted on the JoBlo Horror Movies YouTube channel every other day during the week – but on Fridays things get even freakier and a little more fun. Get your weekend started the right way by indulging in Friday Fright Nights! Every Friday, we’ll be taking a look at another genre movie you can watch in its entirety, free of charge, either on the YouTube channel linked above or in the video embed here.

The Friday Fright Nights feature we have for your viewing pleasure this week is the supernatural horror film I Know You’re in There, which marks the feature debut of writer/director Robert Lawson Gordon – and a textbook first feature it is, as it focuses on a small number of characters and takes place almost entirely in one location. For a substantial portion of its running time, I Know You’re in There only has two characters on screen… but it’s a unique situation for these two characters, because one of them is non-verbal and immobile. Actor Will Hurst was tasked with carrying most of the story on his shoulders, while co-star Grainne McDermott creeps out the viewer with facial expressions.

Gordon also worked in some found footage elements by having the lead character working on a documentary, complete with confessional scenes. Thankfully, this guy isn’t always carrying the camera around and filming random things, so I Know You’re in There has traditionally shot scenes in between moments of the lead talking to the camera.

Hurst and McDermott do a fine job of making the film work when they’re the only people we have to hang out with, but it’s still quite refreshing when Karin Lee (a.k.a. Wyoh Lee) joins their characters in their isolated location. It also helps that things really go horrifically wrong once she shows up.

I Know You're in There Friday Fright Nights

Here’s the official synopsis for I Know You’re in There: When his mother commits suicide, Tom Redding discovers he has a long lost sister who cannot move or talk. Together they travel to their dead mother’s isolated home where Tom hopes to document his sister’s illness, only to be driven to the brink of madness by a supernatural evil.

Will Hurst plays Tom, with Grainne McDermott as his sister Chloe and Karin/Wyoh Lee as his girlfriend Jamie. Also in the cast are Mindee de Lacey, Minae Noji, Blake Newcomb, and Jaimes Timas.

Gordon and Hurst produced the film together, with Newcomb acting as associate producer. Before making his feature debut, Gordon wrote and directed the short films Love Echoes and Ugly, Strong, and Dignified. He had acting roles in the films Siblings and Play On, as well as the short Beginnings, so it’s somewhat surprising he didn’t give himself a role in I Know You’re in There. He has also worked as a second unit director and in the second assistant camera position on some projects – but as of right now, I Know You’re in There is the last credit he has in any category of his filmography. Seven years have passed, and we’ll just have to wait and see if we’re going to get a second feature from Robert Lawson Gordon.

So take a look at I Know You’re in There – it’s free! – and let us know what you thought of it by leaving a comment below or on the YouTube page. Would you like to see another Robert Lawson Gordon movie?

I Know You're in There Friday Fright Nights

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