Interview: Toni Collette, Monica Bellucci, Catherine Hardwicke and More Talk Mafia Mamma

Toni Collette, Monica Bellucci, Catherine Hardwicke and Sophia Nomvete talk about their latest comedy, Mafia Mamma

For filmmaker Catherine Hardwicke‘s latest feature, she went for the funny. Mafia Momma offers a solid collection of talented performers including Toni Collette, Monica Bellucci, and Sophia Nomvete, for a little R-rated comedy. The story involves Kristin, a woman who finds that her grandfather was a major player in the mafia. After he is killed, she is unexpectedly invited to his funeral, and suddenly finds herself on a wild adventure. Based on a story by Amanda Sthers, the screenplay was written by J. Michael Feldman and Debbie Jhoon.

Toni Collette and Monica Bellucci are absolute class. And yes, it’s a thrill speaking to the two. As well, Toni Collette and Sophia Nomvete were utterly hilarious to chat with. The two opened up about the dark comedy, and their chemistry was wonderful even off-screen in an interview. We also spoke with Catherine Hardwicke and Monica Bellucci about taking on this particular tale. For Ms. Hardwicke, she talked about getting the script from Toni, and how she immediately wanted to do it. The legendary Ms. Bellucci opened up about enjoying a chance to take on comedy.

The film has the following official synopsis: While seeing to her long estranged (and now deceased) grandfather’s affairs in Italy, Collette, a mild mannered suburban mom, unexpectedly inherits his mafia empire and finds herself stuck in the middle of a deadly mob war. Guided by the firm’s trusted consigliere (Monica Bellucci), she hilariously defies everyone’s expectations, including her own, as the new head of the family business.

Mafia Mamma is currently playing at a theatre near you. Read our review!

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